How to Beat the Heat While Staying at an RV Park in Texas

June 12, 2019
Summer has officially arrived in Texas, and with it comes almost unbearable heat. However, don’t cancel that family trip just yet. A trip to an RV park in Texas is a great way to camp, explore the outdoors, and take a budget-friendly vacation — all while enjoying onboard…

5 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your RV

May 13, 2019
It’s that time of the year again: spring cleaning season. Chances are, you plan to deep clean your home — but what about your home away from home? While you might keep your RV relatively tidy and maintained throughout the year, you likely have not…

6 Unique Things to Do in Midland, Texas This Summer

April 1, 2019
West Texas often receives a reputation for not having a variety of fun activities for travelers or visitors. In fact, the area offers a unique mix of things to do, especially in Midland, Texas. So, skip the travel delays, airport security lines, and long flights this…