How to Beat the Heat While Staying at an RV Park in Texas

JUNE 12, 2019

Summer has officially arrived in Texas, and with it comes almost unbearable heat. However, don’t cancel that family trip just yet. A trip to an RV park in Texas is a great way to camp, explore the outdoors, and take a budget-friendly vacation — all while enjoying onboard air-conditioning.

Below, we’ve highlighted several ways to cool off when a heat wave hits. So, grab your bags and switch on the ignition!

Head to the Pool

There is no better way to cool down than by taking a dip in the pool. While not all RV parks in Texas offer a sparkling swimming pool, Ocean Front Property in Kermit, Texas, does. The RV park features an outdoor swimming pool with TVs and a patio, perfect for relaxing on a hot summer day. Before heading out for your next trip, prioritize staying at a location with access to a pool, lake, or other safe watering holes suitable for swimming.

Purchase Portable Fans

Most RV parks offer AMP hookups, allowing you to run the air conditioner and keep your rig’s interior cool. However, when that late afternoon sun hits, it can still feel toasty — especially near the windows or when you are relaxing outside the RV. Portable fans are a quick fix that offer additional relief when you hit a boiling point. Purchase one or two fans and position them in areas of your RV where you spend the most time.

Keep Your Windows Shaded

Waiting for the sun to set is often a torturous game. Keep your windows shaded as much as possible throughout the day and consider investing in black-out style curtains that will help block the sun’s rays.

Reposition Your RV, If Possible

Typically, the hottest part of the day is in the afternoon when the sun is in the west, slowly baking your RV. While every RV is different, try to reposition your rig so that the largest windows face north and the smaller windows face west. While this solution will not eliminate the heat, it can make a difference in the interior temperature.

Take Advantage of Interior Community Spaces

Another advantage of staying at an RV park in Texas like Ocean Front Property is the convenient access to interior amenities. When the temperature heats up, you can head indoors to the clubhouse and enjoy playing a game of billiards or shuffleboard. If you prefer to rest, sit back and relax in the TV lounge area.

Set Up the Awning

While the awning will only shade part of your RV for a small portion of the day, setting it up can offer some temporary relief. You can even invest in a shade extension, which drops from the awning to the ground and provides additional shade even when the sun is at a low angle.

The Texas heat might seem unbearable, but that’s no reason to cancel your summer trip. Whether you are traveling to Ocean Front Property in Kermit or trekking to another location, keep these tips in mind to beat the heat on your next adventure.