6 Family-Friendly Activities to Do at Ocean Front Property’s RV Park

JULY 12, 2019

Whether you want to relax and decompress this summer or simply spend some budget-friendly quality time with the family, camping at an RV park offers a fun vacation for all ages.

Ocean Front Property’s RV park in Kermit, Texas, has everything you need for a fun, family-friendly experience. Featuring 10 cabins and nearly 300 trailer pads with 30 or 50 AMP hookups, Ocean Front Property offers convenience, comfort, and high-quality living.

To make sure everyone in your family has fun, it’s a good idea to come prepared with some activity plans. Below, we’ve highlighted several family-friendly activities to elevate your next camping experience.

1. Host a Cook-Out

At Ocean Front Property, you’ll have convenient access to superior amenities, including barbecue grilling stations, outdoor areas for entertaining, and our clubhouse kitchen. Gather your family and friends and host a friendly cook-out competition to see who can grill the best burgers or juicy steaks, then feast on the delicious eats.

2. Head to the Pool

What better way to cool down on a hot summer day in Texas than by taking a dip in the pool? While not all RV parks in Texas offer a sparkling swimming pool, Ocean Front Property does. The RV park features an outdoor swimming pool with TVs and a patio, perfect for relaxing and entertaining the kids.

3. Participate in Seasonal Events Nearby

Ocean Front Property often hosts, participates, or promotes family-friendly events happening at or near the RV park in Kermit, Texas. From sand volleyball tournaments and movies in the park to Mom’s Night Out painting classes, there’s a little something for everyone to enjoy. Stay tuned to our Facebook Page for the latest events!

If there aren’t any local events happening during your stay, don’t worry! Head out to our sand volleyball court and gather your friends and camping neighbors to create your own friendly match.

4. Explore & Enjoy the Community Amenities

Another advantage of staying at Ocean Front Property is the myriad of interior amenities. When the temperature heats up, you can head indoors to the clubhouse and enjoy playing a game of billiards or shuffleboard. If you prefer to rest, sit back and relax in the TV lounge area.

5. Bring Your Pets

With Ocean Front’s dog park and pet-friendly policy, there’s no reason to leave your furry friend at home. Bring your pet for an even more enjoyable experience, and a great way to keep the kids entertained. Visit the dog park to meet and mingle with your neighbors and their pets — but don’t forget your frisbee!

6. Get Creative With Camping Games

Searching for the perfect way to expend your kids’ pent up energy or challenge their mind? Playing some creative camping games is a great way to instill some family bonding during your camping trip while also having fun.

Bring a deck of cards and make the game “dealer’s choice,” allowing each person to take turns picking what to play, or bring some paper and pencils to write down fun options for a game of charades or Pictionary. Other options include Capture the Flag, 20 Questions, or even a simple game of hide-and-seek.

Beyond the amenities and events, there is plenty of fun things to do at Ocean Front Property’s RV park. Plus, you are just a short drive away from Midland, Texas, where you’ll have access to attractions, eateries, and more. With so many different options and activities, you can enjoy a stress-free vacation with the whole family.