Top RV Storage Hacks to Maximize Your Space

SEPTEMBER 18, 2019

No matter the square footage of your RV, there always comes a moment when you have too much stuff and not enough space. While no tip or trick will magically make your motorhome bigger, there are internal ways of maximizing space to fit everything you need for your trip –– whether it’s a five-day or an eight-month one.

If you’re organizing your RV for the first time, here’s a quick and easy two-step process to make the most of the space you have: 

Step 1: Make a list of everything you’re bringing –– yes, write it all down. This might seem like a tedious undertaking but it is guaranteed to help you maximize space before you even start loading up.

Step 2: Use your list to eliminate the useless items and purge the doubles. This will ensure every item you bring on board has a distinct purpose and you’re not lugging things that soon become redundant (i.e., clothing and kitchenware). 

Before we dive into our seven space-saving hacks, here are a few other handy tips to consider: 

  • Use over-the-cabinet trash cans in the kitchen and bathroom
  • Hang a fruit basket in the kitchen to help declutter the counters
  • Use a pegboard to hang pots, pans, and even tools
  • Be frugal when it comes to packing big jackets and bulky jeans
  • Invest in foldable and collapsible cookware 
  • Utilize a roll-up or above-the-sink drying rack
  • Install an under-the-cabinet paper plate dispenser
  • Magnetize your cutting board

While every little space-saving hack will help, these seven can truly make a difference –– and maybe even “create” a little more room –– in your RV. 

1. Hang Up in the Shower

While it seems odd, an adjustable rod is an extremely useful way to store bulky clothes that won’t fit anywhere else. Plus, it’s easy to install and use –– making it one of our favorite hacks for clothes. While you do have to remove the hanging clothes when you take a shower, you’re likely spending much more time out of the shower than in, so why not utilize that open space?

2. Command Hooks Galore 

Where there’s a vertical surface, there can be a hook. Loading up your RV with functional and hassle-free Command hooks is a great way to hang dish towels and coffee mugs in the kitchen area, as well as jackets, sweaters, scarves, and other outerwear in the bedroom. You can even utilize the hooks to hang items that might otherwise clutter your countertops or other storage areas, like cameras, purses, maps, and more. 

3. One-In, One-Out Rule

When you decide to add more to your already packed RV, don’t forget the golden rule: out with the old, in with the new. In other words, every time you bring something new into the RV, toss or donate the old one. For example, if you bring a new skillet, the old one should go out. This rule will help you upgrade the items in your motorhome without creating unnecessary clutter. 

4. Suction Cup Holders Everywhere

Suction cup holders make great mini storage containers without taking up any of your limited counter or cabinet space. With a collection of these, you can store toothbrushes, toothpaste, hair products, skin products, utensils, napkins, and basically anything you can fit. If you’re feeling spicy, you can even grow some herbs for fresh seasoning on-the-go!

5. Open That Oven

Besides dinnertime, you’re likely not using your oven for most of the day, so why not store bulky or boxy items in it? Just make sure to remove them before turning it on (We’ve found a post-it note on the counter helps with that.)

6. Nesting Kitchenware

If you don’t have kitchenware that can stack and nest within each other, it may be a worthwhile investment to purchase some that fit together like a puzzle just for your RV. This will open up a lot more space in your drawers and cabinets –– allowing you to store more!

7. Door Pocket Organizer

An over- or behind-the-door organizer is a must-have for organized RV spaces! There is no better way to store your shoes as well as belts, hats, sunglasses, and other similar items. Your RV comes with at least one door no matter what, so why not hinge it and make the most use of them!

Once you have everything set and organized in your RV, make sure to take a trip to Ocean Front Property’s RV park in Kermit, Texas. With so many exciting things to do in the area, it’s a perfect getaway!